Joy Of Moaning

An antidote to gloom

Book Joy of moaning

The Joy of Moaning turns on its head the notion that moaning is undesirable behaviour, something to be avoided and scorned. It delves into the detail of why we moan and most importantly provides a guide for doing it better.

What’s it about?

Reasons to buy

Moaning is no different from all the other things that make us feel good. In moderation it’s enjoyable and beneficial but taken to excess it provides a short-term thrill followed by long-term problems.

There have never been more things to complain about, more people anxious to join the moaning frenzy and more channels to express our displeasure.

When you understand its intricacies, you are in control and with control comes a sense of empowerment. And we all want to be empowered.

The Joy of Moaning is the definitive guide to this exquisite art and an antidote to gloom.

Make 2023 the year you could become a professional moaner.

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Moaning in Words

Even more reasons to buy

Moaning, a word of seven characters that describes a universe of complexity. This first glimpse of the subject will leave you wanting more. Need convincing? Read the book’s introduction.